Spaceplanning (基础而实用)

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radical practicality    (中文)
design & spaceplanning consultation
for small & medium sized businesses

You have great ambitions for your business. Despite this, we know that it's hard to divert precious time and resources to the redesign of your own office.

We think that clever workspace design strategies are not solely the domain of large or 'creative’ offices. All businesses are affected by our new ways of working and meeting, and all businesses deserve design.

Having an office space that really suits the specific way your company works can have real, positive effects on staff morale, attendance and productivity.

With these considerations in mind, we offer a condensed version of our services—targeted at small-medium business owners who want the best for their business and their staff right now, but who may not be able to commit to a full office fit-out (just yet).

ASK ABOUT OUR DISCOUNTS for small, local (HK-based),
family-owned businesses & any non-profits.

Action Office 2 Model Kit   Herman Miller, 1969

Action Office 2 Model Kit
Herman Miller, 1969

the process / what you get:

  1. Pre-Consultation (Research & Interview)

    You tell us about your office—about your space & furniture, what you do, how you work & how this might change over time. (This will be done on the phone or by Skype)

    We will work to develop a strategy that works with your specific case and budget.

  2. 1.5 hr Site Visit, Consultation & Design Session at your office

    We will discuss with you one or more layout suggestions:

    • A first with minimal costs to implement, working with what you have (and a few additional pieces)

    • A second, depending on the project, with an even more effective use of your space—though also involving more substantial changes and costs

    • In addition, we can offer some affordable furniture ideas, and maybe even materials or finishes to consider

  3. Post-Consultation (Brief Document & Design Sketch)

    We will provide you with the following documentation:

    • Conceptual plans of your space in PDF, A4 format, for the agreed layouts—highlighting how each space will function efficiently and what kind of elements it will need to do so

    • A summary of notes and additional ideas from the session

What You Won’t Get:

You won’t be getting a ‘design,’ in the conventional sense, with specific finishes or expensive, bespoke details. Instead, you’ll be leveraging our years of practical design experience with a series of targeted, suggested changes, made with consideration to your current (and future) means.

You won’t be getting a big contract to sign. This process allows you to receive our most high-value advice while paying for minimal production costs. You can then decide what to do with this information—giving you total control over costs and implementation.

You won’t be tied to us in the future. You will receive everything we produce in one complete package so that, once you’re ready, you may use this as a starting point or programme brief for a complete office fit-out—either with us or another architect.



Approx. 9,000 to 15,000 HKD
(depending on the size & scope of the project; travel included within the Hong Kong area)