Projects as Architecture Advisor (Second Home)

Hong Kong Workplace Design, Office Design, Interior Design, Commercial Architecture, Space planning, Consulting, Shenzhen, London


Second Home projects ◦ 2015-2017

The projects in this category were all commissioned by Second Home—a creative workspace provider based primarily in London—while Michael He was employed as its first Architecture Advisor from 2015-2017.

Second Home is/was the operator/client for each of these workspaces. For each project, Second Home selected the site, determined financial feasibility, decided the program, commissioned design architects (sometimes executive architects as well) and then worked very actively with the assembled team to make the project a reality. Second Home would then operate and maintain each new location.

The Architecture Advisor, as defined at the time, was heavily involved in all steps of this process—but was not responsible for the design of these spaces. The architects are credited on each relevant page.

Some of these projects are still confidential and thus have limited access. Please contact us if you would like to know more about these projects.

All Second Home photographs by Iwan Baan unless otherwise noted. All photos and digital images are the property of Second Home unless otherwise noted.