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Shenzhen Office & Entertainment ◦ 2019

Hong Kong Workplace Design, Office Design, Interior Design, Commercial Architecture, Space planning, Consulting, Shenzhen, London, Dichroic, Clean

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4,000 SF OFFICE & LEISURE (Office Portion Shown)
Programming ◦ Design ◦ Project Management
with Jeffrey Lam ( & Joyce Kwok Wing To

In this workspace for a brand new team of stock traders and analysts, we privileged the common amenity spaces—focusing on the importance of developing an active team culture as a precursor for success. Scattered zones for relaxation and other non-work activities make up a large portion of this workplace, a supporting foil to the relatively location-sensitive nature of the work itself (due to computer hardware constraints).

The challenge of this space was to strike a balance between openness and enclosure, with the basic space-making unit of the ‘L-shaped partition’ employed to eliminate closed doors and enable constant communication and vocal collaboration.

The varied sizes, heights and locations of the partitions allow many degrees of territorial and visual privacy. Views, perspectives and a sense of enclosure vary as one moves around the surprising space. Custom-filtered dichroic film produces further novelty in colour and reflectivity and an air of space-age luxury.

As a practical consideration, future growth and adaptations of the young business were considered through a provision of building systems for, and a partial outlining of, future enclosed offices—with the formal characteristics of the ‘L’ again proving useful.

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Photo by The Office as a Project

Photo by The Office as a Project

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Photo by The Office as a Project

Photo by The Office as a Project